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A couple years back I went to a workshop with the incredible Dean Jackson and he asked me a simple question. (If you’ve worked with me in the past year, this will be familiar to you because it’s the first question that I ask everyone now before we start!).

He asked, “How do you know when you’re successful?”

Most freelancers (heck, most people!) never take time to think about what they are aiming for. So, I wrote “I know I’m successful when…” on the top of a piece of paper and spent 30 minutes or so making a list. …

Is your pricing model hindering your growth?

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I was giddy when I read the offer email. I imagined taking 3-day weekends, leaving the office at lunchtime, and sleeping in.

This was my first salaried job — an editor at a small weekly newspaper.

The paper had no requirements for the number of hours I worked. As long as the stories were covered and the paper went to print by each Monday at 10am, I could spend as much or as little time in the office as it took.

I had never had a job that wasn’t hourly before and it seemed freeing.

The reality turned out to…

With a few tips snuck in there as well :-)

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Have you ever been on a call when a client asks about the new trendiest marketing buzzword. “Do you have any experience with the POS Formula? [IM guru] presented at the [Expensive Exclusive Mastermind] meeting last week and added another 7-figure revenue stream! We should run it. What do you know about it?”

And it’s even worse if you’re new to this game! Sometimes talking with potential clients feels like going to Catholic Church for the first time. There seems to be a script that was handed out that you…

“Hmmmmmmm….” is what Chris Orzechowski said when I shared my brilliant new name for the Get More Clients Masterclass.

“See I was thinking, More Clients Masterclass, that’s MCMC, or MC². And Clients = energy, so we could do a whole E=mc² formula theme for the copy!”

I love a clever name. But, more often than not, clever can turn into hokey and unclear.

Not to mention all the time spent on this concept and logo ideas floating in my head taking up space better spent on… well… better marketing.

It’s like trying to fit the big giant foot of the…

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When I tell people that I’ve volunteered in disaster response for over 20 years, I either get an eye roll or a look of confusion. At 35 years old, it seems unlikely.

I went on my first mission trip when I was 12 years old and continued traveling with my Dad until Hurricane Sandy hit in 2012 and I started traveling on missions on my own.

I’ve worked inside the homes of hundreds of disaster victims — in the uber-conservative Bible Belt of Kentucky; Black neighborhoods in Mississippi, Louisiana and Queens; a neighborhood of undocumented Mexican immigrants in Texas that spoke exclusively Spanish; a secluded town in Arkansas where I was told my daughter could not be from New York because New York doesn’t have blondes; and dozens more.

Each of these…

I couldn’t take it any more and this weekend, I did something I haven’t done since college.

I cut and colored my own hair.

It wasn’t as disastrous as I’d feared, but I miss my stylist Cristy more than I miss most family members. I’ve visited Cristy every couple of weeks for the past decade and now I haven’t seen her since March.

I also bought a margarita in a ziplock to-go bag that same day. Which, I didn’t ever do in college — but totally would have. If someone was selling Margaritas in a baggie from the fifth floor…

Updated: March 29, 2020

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The Freelance Co-op is a cooperative of creative freelancers who work, create, and build our businesses using shared resources, knowledge, and experience. Studies predict that by 2027, over half of Americans will be freelancers and currently 47% of millennials do at least some freelance or contract work.

The Freelance Co-op provides legal resources, bookkeeping, client advice, marketing, scripts, templates and guides to make creativity sustainable.

This guide is compiled from information from the most recent Federal Guidelines, text…

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Does it feel like you were FINALLY making progress on your business, finally starting to get a handle on this freelancing thing?

And then someone changed all the rules.

Over the last several days, I’ve received nearly 100 messages from freelancers who have no idea what to do now.

All of sudden what we thought we knew about business has changed.

Or has it?

Despite what it feels like, people still want to learn, still want to sell, still want to be surrounded by beautiful things.

Yes, the mediums may have changed. The way we order food, or enjoy art…

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This week, Forbes released the list of top-earning podcasts.

Not surprisingly, The Joe Rogan Experience podcast topped the list, bringing in an estimated $30 million in 2019 alone.

With 190 million downloads per month, JRE has consistently held the top spot on Apple.

But why?

JRE goes against just about every universally-accepted marketing “best practice.”

Ignored best practice #1: The riches are in the niches

JRE doesn’t really have a “niche.” Personally, I listen to JRE frequently because I’m interested in neuroscience and behavioral psychology. Joe Rogan interviews scientists and researchers in these fields just about once a week.

As I was scrolling through iTunes, I realized that I skip…

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I remember when New Year’s Resolutions were a given.

Like giving up a vice for lent, or a gratitude recitation at Thanksgiving, no one questioned the idea of starting the new year with a declaration of ambition.

Working out, working on yourself, or even working less were common.

Then a few years ago, a few cutting-edge, anti-establishment blogs rallied against the practice. New Year’s resolutions commonly fail, they are a fallacy, a fool’s errand. And now, January 2020, it feels like we’ve come full circle as a society.

Those who declare “New Year, New Me.” …

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Been a direct response copywriter since 7th grade when I wrote a 30-page sales letter asking my crush to the dance.

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