Freelancer-friendly small towns: the future of America

What does that mean for small towns?

  • Oneida has a lower violent crime rate than both the New York State and national average. (source)
  • Housing costs are about half the national average and overall cost of living is lower than both the state and national averages (source)
  • The small local school districts offer tailored student experiences including AP courses and award-winning drama, music and art.

Taking it to the next level

  • Coworking: The Co-op offers coworking and connection at its downtown Oneida space. The facility houses collaboration centers, meeting space, and a recording studio for videos and/or podcasting.
  • Workshops: Each month, the co-op runs free and low-cost workshops (both online and in-person) on topics freelancers struggle with the most — finding clients, negotiation, marketing, client wrangling, and more.
  • Templates: Created by lawyers, tested by freelancers — freelancers can find contract templates for any type of project like retainer agreements, royalty deals, and big, sticky projects
  • Scripts: Dozens of freelancers contributed their best-working scripts for sticky situations like price objections, scope creep, ending a project tactfully and more
  • Experts: If a freelancer finds themselves in a tough situation — the co-op connects the freelancer to someone in a position to solve it. They have partnerships with local and virtual experts in legal, taxes, hiring, project management, and more.
  • Software: The co-op provides recommendations (and discounts) for software needs at every part of a freelance business — bookkeeping, project management, communication, and design.
  • Guides: For quick wins, they provide members downloadable guides in topics like getting better sleep, setting up a business bank account, and what to do when a client doesn’t pay.
  • Workflows: Freelancers can map out every project from start to finish. The Co-op provides training on automation and outsourcing so freelancers are protected, paid, and stress-free — even during huge overwhelming projects.

Oneida Freelance Co-op Grand Opening



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Abbey Woodcock

Abbey Woodcock

Been a direct response copywriter since 7th grade when I wrote a 30-page sales letter asking my crush to the dance.