The Great Online Marketing Boom of 2020

I couldn’t take it any more and this weekend, I did something I haven’t done since college.

I cut and colored my own hair.

It wasn’t as disastrous as I’d feared, but I miss my stylist Cristy more than I miss most family members. I’ve visited Cristy every couple of weeks for the past decade and now I haven’t seen her since March.

I also bought a margarita in a ziplock to-go bag that same day. Which, I didn’t ever do in college — but totally would have. If someone was selling Margaritas in a baggie from the fifth floor of Frisch Hall, I would have lined up. (Why did no one think of this!)

You may be thinking, “Welcome to the club” and wondering why I’m telling you this — something you already know. None of us have likely had professional haircuts in awhile and to-go cocktails are a thing.

I’m writing this now-benign story for myself. So I can reflect on how quickly things change — and how quickly we as humans adapt.

If had written this in February, it would have sounded like the kind of nonsense a frequent ziplock-margarita-drinker would write.

The point is, things change.

And as a lot of states here in the US start to open up, we’re about to see another huge tidal shift.

Businesses that before March weren’t online, now have new assets they’ve never had before — email lists, social following, and ecommerce. And as their businesses pick up again, they’ll want to figure out how to leverage these assets to be even better off than they were before.

I’m calling this “The Great Online Marketing Boom.”

And if you’re already in the business of making sales online — social media specialist, copywriter, graphic designer, web developer, or marketing consultant… this means a boom for us too.

I predict that in the next two month, people in these industries will be the new “essential workers” … the key to growing our economy and ushering in the new online marketing revolution.

So many businesses over the last several months were forced to take their business online and our obscure world of internet marketing has now become mainstream. The exciting thing is that these businesses created an asset that can continue to be used long after their physical doors open.

I’m also hosting a discussion about this very topic tomorrow and how you are in a great position to help.

You can register for the discussion How to Reopen Your Freelancing (Even if You Never Closed) here.

While everyone will become an internet “expert,” the few of us that have been doing this longer than the coronavirus has existed will be in high demand.

(As a side note, while sitting down to write this email, I saw this article about how reopening is creating a stock market rally)

Here’s a few of the industries I think marketers will thrive in during 2020

Education/Online Learning


Arts, Music, & Entertainment


Health and Fitness

Food & Dining

Mental Health and Coaching


I am beyond excited for what’s coming next.

And now is the time to get in on sharing your expertise with these markets. Let’s talk about how to position yourself for this new, exciting economy.

Join me tomorrow for How to Reopen Your Freelance Business (even if you’ve never closed).

Been a direct response copywriter since 7th grade when I wrote a 30-page sales letter asking my crush to the dance.